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Why choose Bengal Physio Care

Why choose us

We care about you and your health and will do everything we can to ensure your treatment and recovery is successful.

Excellence Research

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.

Patient Personal Treatments

We care about you and the success of your providing personalised care.

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We are highest levels of honesty and professionalism at all times.

Welcome to Bengal Physio Care

Who we are

First class physiotherapy professional, evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

Covid Care

Aims at increasing your lung function by evaluation, monitoring exercise tolerance formulating specific Chest Physiotherapy & Respiratory muscle Training

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Includes treating a variety of musculosketetal conditions like (neck pain,low back pain), Soft tissue injuries(Ankle sprains), Spinal conditions(spina bifida,Scoliosis, Disc syndrome,Cervical & Lumbar spondylosis)etc.

Pre / Post Operative Physiotherapy

Includes treating pre & post-operative Medical/Surgical conditions, aims in increasing strength, endurance & cardiovascular fitness & maintain functional mobility.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Providing most advanced form of Neuro Developmental Therapy in Neuro cases(Stroke/CVA, Cerebral palsy,ataxia ,Head injury,Motor neuron disease etc) & restoring function & ensure functional independence in basic lifestyle.

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy

Includes treating a range of conditions that affect the heart and lungs. Providing cardiopulmonary rehabilitation following a recent heart surgery or lung condition such as COPD.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Includes rehabilitation and physical issues in elderly placing special emphasis on the needs of aging adults. It helps treat conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, joint replacement and balance disorders.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Includes Infant screening by neonatal reflexes, problem detection & early intervention. Paediatric physiotherapists help children to achieve their optimal physical development.

Sports Physiotherapy

Includes prevention and management of injuries resulting from sport and exercise participation, providing rehabilitation and training interventions, for the purposes of preventing injury, restoring optimal function, and contributing to the enhancement of sports performance.

General Fitness Training

General fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being emphasizing on regular moderate workout regimen and a healthy diet.

Meet The Physiostherapy Team and Trainers

Why choose us

Our team of administrators and professionals aim to give you a first class experience. Contact the team with any booking enquiries.


CMT Specializes in Cardiopulmonary & Geriatric Rehab


CSM Specializes in Thera band exs,Vestibular Rehab & Sports Rehab


CMFR Specializes in Myofascial Release TECHNIQUES


Specialises in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
“I was suffering from Chronic cervical spondylosis with early symptoms of arthritis.I used to be in terrible pain all the time. Eventually,I took some session from Dr Anannnya of Bengal Physiocare who turned out to be my magical superwoman.Now ,I am back to normal life happier & at ease.I shall always be indebted to her & Bengal Physiocare.”


“I had ACL injury & with the exercises and treatment given by Bengal Physiocare I was back to normal within few weeks. I was thoroughly explained the problem and & proper exercises and treatment protocol for those issues.Excellent and highly skilled Physios.. Highly satisfied with the treatment. I absolutely recommend them for any physiotherapy sessions. Thank you so much Bengal Physiocare.”


“Dr Sanjima has complete knowledge of her work and she guided me well through the treatment sessions of my knee Osteo Arthritis.I regained my fitness & all my the problems from the roots were cured. I will recommend Bengal Physiocare for any physiotherapy sessions and I will be personally looking forward if I need for any medical help in future. Thank you so much.”