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Includes prevention and management of injuries resulting from sport and exercise participation .We provide evidence-based advice on safe participation in sport and exercise, advanced competencies in the promotion of safe physical activity participation adapting rehabilitation and training interventions, for the purposes of preventing injury, restoring optimal function, and contributing to the enhancement of sports performance.So the basic goals are : Injury treatment,Injury prevention,Rehabilitation &Performance enhancement.

Classification of Sports injuries :

Site Acute Injuries Overuse Injuries
Bone Fracture Periosteal contusion Stress fracture Bone strain Stress reaction Osteitis Periostitis Apophysitis
Articular cartilage Osteochondral/chondral fracture Minor osteochondral injury/lesion Chondropathy (e.g. chondromalacia
Joint Dislocation Subluxation Synovitis Osteoarthritis
Ligament Sprain/tear (grades I - III) Inflammation
Muscle Strain/tear (grades I - III) Contusion Cramp Compartment syndrome (acute) Compartment syndrome (chronic) Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) Focal tissue Thickening/fibrosis
Tendon Tear (complete or partial) Tendinopathy
Bursa Traumatic bursitis Bursitis
Nerve Neuropraxia Nerve entrapment Minor nerve injury/irritation Adverse neural
Skin Laceration Abrasion Puncture wound Callus